If everything was easy for me, I would probably think less, look for answers less. There are probably people who can do many things easier and faster.
And then everything becomes clear to them very quickly… Maybe I need to find a “point of fear” beyond which I no longer want to look for answers, or maybe I need to find a “point of love” beyond which I don’t want to look for answers?
Maybe I’m looking for this point?
What it is?
Maybe this is a line that divides life into past and future; I can approach it and understand that there is nothing further? Or is this a line, upon reaching which I can understand that everything begins with it!? reflectionThere was one moment that another person noticed. This moment was important to me, but that person didn’t know about it, but he noticed…
Maybe when something sincere happens, we all become participants in what is happening, even if we don’t know about it?
Suddenly some invisible script may appear in which all participants know what to do, but not one of them never has read it…